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PolyBlend Products


The PolyBlend PB Series is the original multi-zone motorized PolyBlend system. Improved and refined over 15 years, the PB Series is the most popular liquid polymer feeder ever offered, with over 10,000 units at work around the world.


Optimize your polymer performance! The PolyBlend M Series is the most flexible polymer feed system available. The M Series is engineered for easy installation and operation. Our patent mix technology combined with years of polymer preparation experience provide our customers with the best polymer feed system on the market.


The PolyBlend® M-Lo Series is a highly flexible line of liquid polymer feed systems specially designed and built for low volume applications. The M-Lo Series offers all the benefits of the best available polymer preparation technology at a competitive price.



The H Series Liquid Polymer Feeder outperforms all conventional static mixer systems. It combines efficient motor less mixing in a design that permits quick and easy maintenance.


The PolyBlend Dry Prep Series is without question the finest dry polymer feed system available. The DP Series outperforms all other designs in head-to-head trials. The DP Series typically reduces polymer consumption 25% or more while substantially improving polymer performance in terms of sludge dryness, solid capture, water clarity, drainage/retention, or any other measure.