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Wallace & Tiernan offers an extensive line of dry-chemical feeders for water and wastewater treatment applications. These include: gravimetric weigh-belt feeders, screw-type and belt-type volumetric feeders, lime-slaking systems and dry polymer-preparation systems.

Series 31-165 Weigh-Belt Feeder
·  Fast response for feed-rate changes and variations in material density with accuracy as low as 0.25% of set rate
·  Microprocessor-based feeding to 840 cu. ft./hr over a 20:1 continuous operating range Easy access, dust-tight design
·  Simple, automatic tracking & belt-tension systems
·  Instantaneous response to changes in feed rate and variations in material density
·  Weigh-bar weigh section is designed for minimum surface area contact with weigh-belt & reduced drag for greater accuracy

Series 32-050: Screw-type Volumetric Feeders
·  Low-cost, corrosion-resistant design
·  Manually set feed rate by percent timer
·  Wide capacity selection from 0.03 - 50 cu. ft./hr. Standard operating range of 20:1, extendible to 60:1
·  Easy to service
·  Optional hopper agitation for reliable material feeding

Lime Slaking Systems
·  Four capacities up to 8000 lb./hr., with standard 20:1 operating ratio
·  Slow-speed mixing requires less operating horsepower
·  Two control options: automatic or integral, manual control panel
·  Choice of gravimetric weigh-belt feeder or volumetric screw-type or belt-type feeder to control quicklime feed rate
·  Standard specific gravity-type grit remover or optional screen-type grit remover