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Series 50-200 Evaporator

For liquid chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide


The Wallace & Tiernan Series 50-200 Evaporator (sometimes called a "vaporizer") is an electrically heatd immersed-tank-type heat exchanger. It is necessary wherever the rate of unaided gas withdrawal from multiple containers is not fast enough to keep up with requirements.

  • Maximum capacities of 6,000, 8,000 and 10,000 pounds per day of chlorine
  • NEMA 4 control panel with fused disconnect switch
  • Complete pre-wiring of all eletrical components including in standard pricing
  • Pressure-relief system on liquid and gas lines included
  • For reliable operation, an electric water heater is external to the vaporizing chamber
  • Conforms to ASME code and Chlorine Institute recommendations
  • Available in weather resistant arrangement designed for outdoor service
  • Unpowered external alarm contacts for high and low temperature and low water level are standard

Reliable, Automatic Operation
To help prevent overfilling, liquid level in the pressure cylinder is self-adjusting. Level in the water-bath tank is maintained by a solenoid which controls make-up water flow. A thermostat maintains hot water temperature. Alarms and readout monitor operation of the liquid-evaporation and hot water systems.
External Heater
The electric water heater is external to the water-bath tank, assuring uniform heat distribution. This prevents 'hot spots' and minimizes the possibility of liquid being heated in excess of 212° F causing pressure build-up which could trigger gas relief.