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S10k Gas Chlorinator
The S10K Chlorinator is an all-vacuum operated, direct cylinder-mounted unit. It puts the vacuum-regulating valve right at the gas source and reduces gas pressure to a vacuum. The S10K features positive indication of cylinder status, user-friendly controls, capacities to 500 pounds per day and local or remote three-inch or five-inch scale rotameters. Sonic-operated with maximum capacities of 200 PPD and 500 PPD (3" and 5")
·  Detachable rotameters available
·  Positive indication of operating status
·  Positive shut-off
·  Unique secondary check
·  Built-in automatic switch over
·  Captive-yoke mounting
·  Handles all water-treatment gases


V10k Gas-Feed System
Our V10K system is a remote vacuum solution-type feeder. Use it with four of the most common gases for disinfecting and treating municipal and industrial water and wastewater. The unit has all of the long-stand ing, proven features of its predecessor. You can now access all of its components from the front. It also has a maximum capacity of 500 PPD (chlorine) It can also be wall mounted.
·  Maximum capacities of 200 PPD and 500 PPD using differential gas-flow regulation
·  Easy readability on 5" or 10" rotameters
·  Superior gas-flow control using the V-notch orifice
·  Flexible mounting configurations with total front access
·  Easy installation service
·  Optional NEMA 4x automatic positioner and controller
·  Optional local/remote-mounted NEMA 4X vacuum switch


V2000 Wall-Mounted Chlorinator
·  Capacities up to 3000 PPD with space-saving, wall-mounted design
·  Large, easy-to-read 10" rotameter
·  Total front access to all internal components via lift-off panel
·  Integrally mounted automatic controls
·  All vacuum operation, using reliable V-notch, gas-flow control
·  Rugged, flame-retardant enclosure
·  Available for Cl2, NH3, SO2, or CO2 feeding


V2000 Floor-Mounted Chlorinator
·  Modular, floor-mounted design
·  Reliable, all-vacuum operation
·  Widest choice of rotameters in the industry
·  Large 10" scale rotameters in 22 capacities up to 10,000 PPD
·  Backflood protection
·  Front access
·  Simple interconnection of modular units forms a high-tech panel-line array
·  Available for Cl2, NH3, SO2, or CO2 feeding