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Encore 100 Pumps

Wallace & Tiernan's 44 Series Encore 100 Diaphragm Metering Pump has been re-engineered to a higher level of performance and customer satisfaction.
Look at the advantages:
44 Series Encore 100 Metering Pump
·  Available with standard induction and variable speed motors (optional), for wider range and automatic process control.
·  The robust mechanical assembly includes an epoxy-painted cast iron gearbox for superior corrosion resistance, heavy-duty ball bearings, robust gears and a hardened steel cam and spring drive for incomparable simplicity and economy.
·  With double simplex capability (shown in picutre), if your process changes or grow, a second drive with independent capacity control can be added quickly, easily and economically.
·  Obtain precise and highly repeatable feed rate settings with a 5 turn micrometer-type stroke length adjuster. A percent scale and vernier indicate stroke length in 1% increments. Feedrate is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 100%.
·  The corrosiion resistant PVC liquid end adapter completely separates and seals the pump head from teh drive unit. This isolating design eliminates the risk of cross- contaminating gearbox lubricant and process liquid.
·  Premium composite diaphragm, Teflon® facing and nylon reinforcement bonded to a pre-formed elastomeric support.
·  Precision-guided ball-and-seat clear PVC cartridge valves.
·  Optional electro-optic diaphragm leak-detection system.



Encore 700 Pumps

The Wallace & Tiernan Encore 700 has been re-engineered to incorporate your favorite features with many new attributes typically found on only the most rugged hydraulic diaphragm designs. The result is a mechanical diaphragm pump that's unrivaled for robustness, economy, simplicity and serviceability. No matter what your application, Encore 700 can handle it with ease.
Encore 700 Diaphragm Metering Pump
·  A whole new class of metering pump. Combines the robustness of hydraulic diaphragm drives with the unparalleled economy, simplicity and serviceability of mechanical diaphragm liquid ends.
·  Handles capacities of 634 gph (2,400 l/h), back pressures to 175 psi (12 bar).
·  Non-loss-motion (amplitude modulation) stroke adjust mechanism renders unrivaled efficiency, longevity and reliability.
·  Choice of two field convertible drives: Direct coupled or pulley coupled, for an additional 4:1 turndown on stroke frequency with a standard induction motor.
·  Precision liquid ends meter mild solutions, aggressive chemicals, high viscosity polymers and slurries with far greater efficiency than conventional liquid ends.
·  Clear PVC cartridge valves for fast, foolproof service with no pipiing disturbances and built-in visual indication of operation.
·  Premium diaphragm design ensures high metering accuracy, even at varying discharge pressures.


Chemtube 2000 Pumps

Chemtube 2000 Hydraulic Metering Pump

The Chemtube 2000 Metering Pump is the latest arrangement of a long and experienced line of High Capacity, Hydraulically Actuated, Tubular Diaphragm Metering Pumps.
Designed for long service under the severest conditions, the Chemtube 2000 offers accurate metering of a wide variety of chemicals for any process application.


-Hydraulically actuated tubular diaphragm that can handle capacities up to 528 gph.
-Backpressures to 200 psi.
-A double simplex arrangement is available for capacities up to 1056 gph.
-3 piston sizes, 4 stroking speeds assures proper sizing without sacrificing operating range.
-Rugged, cast iron gearbox for long operational life in harsh conditions.
-Optional TFE-lined diaphragm combined with a choice of PVC, Kynar or 316 SS valve material provides for the ultimate chemical compatibility with virtually any liquid chemical.


Chemtube PPS Pumps

The Chemtube PPS Series of Pumps are Positive Displacement Peristaltic Pumps designed to handle a wide variety of chemicals and liquids. Simple operation consists of two rotating rollers that gradually compress an elastomeric tube, forcing liquid just ahead of each roller. The tube snaps back to its original shape after the rollers pass, refilling with liquid for the next discharge revolution. The pumped liquid only comes in contact with the tube interior and the end fittings.
Chemtube PPS Model S16